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Home Buying Guide - Tips, Tools and Education.

Find here a library of information and tools to use when you are buying a home.  On this page I will share Tips, Tools and Educational details developed by Real Estate pro's including myself as well as from Real Estate and related professionals that I work with.

Here you will find links to resources that include

  • How to prepare yourself to buy a home.

  • Tips and tricks of things you SHOULD do when buying a home

  • Tips and Tricks on things to AVOID when buying a home that could SAVE You Lots of Money

  • Obtaining Financing to buy a home

    • Getting Pre-Qualified

    • Getting Pre-Approved (This is Better than getting Pre-qualified)

  • Finding a home! - The Home Search... (This can be the fun part if you let it).

  • You found a home... How to Make a proper Offer

    • Understanding the Real Estate Contract, EMD, Escrow, Disclosures, Inspections, Contingencies, timelines, who's responsible for what... 

    • What are Contingencies?

  • Your offer is Accepted!   Now What!?


    • Removing Contingencies

    • The Appraisal!

    • The FINAL Walk-Through



    • Moving in - Utilities, etc...

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