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Business Unusual Interviews with local business

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

This afternoon, May 26, 2020

on Business Unusual I had a chance to interviewJacquelyn Terry Lieblerat Revolution Golf and Grille to find out about this unique restaurant / bar / entertainment venue in Williamsburg. Jacquelyn shares the entertainment features that Revolution Golf and Grille offers to customers. And now under the new Business Unusual of today's conditions... business is STILL Open and more services, food and beverage options are available here than you may realize. This local Williamsburg business is doing a LOT Of things to stay open, provide service including now Drinks to Go! Learn here what is offered, what is affected, a little insight on what's happening in the restaurant business locally.#Communityliving#williamsburgbusiness#Spiritofbusness#communitysupport#williamsburglocal#revolutiongolfandgrille#givingback#gogiver

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