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The market is Hot who needs a Realtor? Now more than ever if you're doing a real estate deal You do

We keep hearing about how hot the real estate market is and how so many houses are selling within 24 hours and getting multiple offers over asking price. Continually though how buyers are still able to get unbelievably historically low interest rates. No matter whether you're buying or selling a home there are challenges that are being faced in the real estate market and now probably more than ever is when you want to be working with a real estate professional.

My name is John Polson and I've helped numerous people buy and sell homes over the years and it's my job and it's my commitment to serve and help as many people as possible in their real estate transactions - typically the most significant financial decision of many people's lives. So if you have a question or are interested in whether you're selling or buying a home reach out to me and let's talk my number 757-707-4664. Whether you're looking for a property that's a rehab or whether you're looking for something that you can move in ready. Whatever your price range if you're in the Williamsburg to James City County to Newport News, Hampton and into Gloucester. My office is in Yorktown but i'm here to serve you and answer any questions that you have and i look forward to working with you. You can also reach me at my website or you can message me through the link in the button here on this page look forward to talking to you and answer any questions that you have in the meantime stay happy stay healthy enjoy this warm weather while we got it.

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