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About ME

As a Real Estate Professional, Investor and Agent. My Real Estate expertise is helping sellers and buyers achieve their goals. Goals can range from obtaining the home or property of a buyer's dreams to selling a home to help make the move to the next stage in life.  Overall it's about making deals come together with a win-win-win outcome.  I specialize in representation of rural properties, land, Investment and cash-flowing Properties, serving veterans, downsizing, life transitions (Divorce, Job Loss, Job Transfer, Loss of family member / inherited homes). I am also a knowledgeable Real Estate Investor, Fix and Flip / valuation and Income property specialist.

My objective as a Real Estate professional and investor is to share my knowledge and help as many people as possible to achieve their goals and create wealth through Real Estate investing and ownership.  For individuals buying or selling your home or investment property my objective is to help you get the best price for your investment with the least amount of hassle in the shortest possible time.  I happen to have a particular appreciation and passion for Income Producing properties including Mobile Home Park investing as it is a often overlooked investment channel.  I appreciate the potential for significant cash flow and creating wealth through simple process of increased rents over time with strategic improvements to maximize efficiencies. I have 9+ years experience as a Real Estate professional and investor.


I am a dedicated father to 2 amazing kids. I have lived in and around the Middle Peninsula for over 18 years where my kids have been raised and call home.  Just a few of the things that are important to me are my God, my family and loved ones, my kids, constant learning and personal development, living my best life, travel, enjoying the outdoors, being healthy (we are only given one body), good food, live music, Carolina Shag Dancing, home repairs, fixing and restoring old things (including cars and trucks), fishing, going for walks, warm sunny days by the pool, beach days and fruity cocktails.




Real Estate is in my blood and I am happiest when I am serving my client’s needs, helping to solve problems for people and when possible helping them obtain the investment property or home of their dreams.  Because of the opportunities available to serve people and create wealth in Real Estate there truly is no place else I would rather be dedicating my time as a professional. – John Polson

John Polson REALTOR
Real Estate
Our Community

We are blessed to live in a diverse area rich in history that is also home to the largest ports, Military and Naval Installations in the country.  We appreciate what all our service men and women do for us and we look forward to serving them as well with the best Real Estate Service.

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