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New Construction

HERE is the BEST place to find new and updated information about local New Home communities and new construction in and around the Greater Williamsburg area of Virginia.  


There are 3 principles that drive people to buy and want to own a home. 

  1. Dreams. We dream of having a place of our Own and a place to call home.

  2. Control - Having Control of your space.  Whether you rent or whether you buy, you pay for the space you occupy.

  3. The needs that come with the changes along life’s journey.  With each step we take in life our needs grow, sometimes they become smaller, sometimes they shift entirely, but those needs often require a change of venue (home).


New homes have a Special appeal to home buyers for a number of reasons. 


Owning a NEW Home is Special.  There is something very enticing and inspiring about owning a home that noone else has lived in and it’s YOURS!  A New home often has the latest and most advanced design features.  These include modern floor plans and layouts, the latest design and materials for kitchens and bathrooms and often you have a chance to make your OWN Selections for elements of the home that let you put YOUR own touch on it.  This includes elements such as kitchen cabinets, hardware, countertops and fixtures, flooring styles and colors, door styles, exterior elevation (Styles) and materials and often much more.  With some new home builders and communities you can ALSO get the benefit of specialized lender incentives that allow the builder to give you credits toward the closing cost of your loan and COULD result in you having a lower down payment on a New home than you would on an existing home that you might try to buy.  


NOT only are these incentives helpful, they can be VERY Valuable and save you potentially Thousands of dollars up front if not even MORE over the life of the loan by allowing you possibly to obtain a lower interest rate with their preferred lender.  We’ve seen rates available from builder’s preferred lenders that are as much as 1% below the retail 30 Year Mortgage Rate OR MORE!  In Addition to thousands of dollars that the builder will apply as assistance toward your closing costs.  


And don’t forget the benefits of buying from a builder with a reputation to uphold in the neighborhood and in the community.  Builders often will include a warranty on your new home that covers many of the components of the home that if you were to buy an existing home, you would be responsible for.  Builders want to see you be happy and enjoying your new home for years to come because they know that one of their current happy homeowners that have already purchased their home are the best sources of referrals and new customers.  


Click here for a list of the new home communities in our area and an outline of pricing models.

Our New Home team has community maps, home models, exterior elevations, floor plans, feature lists, pricing information and (if available) special offers and financing options for homes in these communities.  A New Home Community specialist will be in touch with you soon.

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