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Welcome to Senior Living Williamsburg

Here at the MEMORIE Group we serve our clients with a full compliment of resources to help as they transition in life.  Often the transition we help most with is that move from a larger home that has served to settle and grow families over many years to a much more manageable environment.  Downsizing is a process that with proper planning can result in a great outcome and provide for an enhanced lifestyle.  A lifestyle free to enjoy the pleasures life brings rather than the burdens of maintaining a home that might be too big or requires a lot of maintenance.  

You will find here on this page connections to resources that we provide to our community to help in this process.  Our Downsizing Seminars held here in the Williamsburg area provide connections to area services, individuals and resources to help prepare for the next phase of life where downsizing can offer the greatest benefit.  We find that the process when started early enough can be managed very effectively with FAR less stress and inconvenience than when held to the last minute and you are faced with life changes that are requirements and no longer options.  

Find here also links and connections to resources that will help you in your Senior Housing search.  When you find yourself needing to sell your home and / or as you search for your next smaller home, we are here to provide the best Real Estate services available in the Greater Williamsburg area to help you achieve the results and the outcome you desire.  

A resource to find Senior Care facilities and providers here in Williamsburg:
Caring.Com  (Click to visit the page)  

Find here information on our upcoming Downsizing Seminars to be held in Williamsburg, VA 

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