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Aug 31, A Live discussion of Real Estate Knowledge, mortgage and tips to help avoid COSTLY Mistakes

A Live and Lively discussion where we share Real knowledge, education, mortgage and Real Estate tips to help avoid COSTLY Mistakes when making home buying and selling decisions. Wednesday August 31, 2022: We talk about a case study of a family making a reasonable income with basic financial obligations seeking to buy a home in the Newport News area. We review qualifying ratios and Debt to Income ratios that are HEAVILY Impacted by a $900 a month Truck Payment that the buyer took on just a few months ago. See how much this impacts the ability to purchase a home... and how much MORE home can be purchased when we run the numbers with a more modest car loan replacing the high truck payment. This is part of a Weekly Discussion series between myself (your Williamsburg / Peninsula area Real Estate Pro) and your local Mortgage Guy Kevin Onizuk on Real Estate markets and mortgages, economics, housing, and the occasional Dad Joke . We are here to help you navigate through the complexity of Home Buying or Selling that for many is the MOST Significant decision of their LIVES. We help keep you informed to make smart choices with Real Estate. You’ll gain valuable tips and information to keep you know what to do and how to do it the Right Way and provide access to valuable resources along the way. Like the page and Feel free to leave comments and questions. To Contact Kevin Onizuk with any mortgage questions you may have you can reach him at: Office Phone: 757-645-0196 Click the link HERE to Learn More about buying a home. Click HERE to learn more about Selling your home Let us know any Real Estate related questions you may have. Get free tips and support to help you sell your home for more money. Learn about the 28 Day Home Sale Guarantee, find out how to get a Free Staging consultation with a staging professional, learn about powerful marketing programs to help find off-market homes that might be right for you, and learn about how to get a FREE Home Warranty. Visit for more info Call or Text 757-707-4664 or Email

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