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Happiness Hack...

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes people so happy sometimes?

What is it that you need to make you happy? What is it that brings happiness?

i'm gonna issue that today sometimes even if we're questioning what it is that we need to make us happy sometimes we need to be the one to make someone else happy. And sometimes it's just that simple. So everybody has things going on in their lives and we never know what someone may have that they're dealing with. And even the happiest smiling face needs someone else to help pick them up. Many people have a much deeper purpose and if you haven't read it the purpose driven life is a great book to give you some insight in what it takes to to have a deeper sense of purpose in your life. And often that's what allows people to find that happiness. But also happiness is not something that you're gonna get from someone else. It is something that you will find deep inside yourself. So just keep in mind sometimes somebody else needs us… me to offer some sense of hope and happiness to that person on the other side. So when you're wondering what it is that you need to make you happy sometimes we have to look inside and say you know what I have an opportunity to make someone else happy. And often that's where it comes from.

For me I have a heart of service and I want to make efforts in ways that I have my own control over that I can influence and affect someone else's life and bring some value to them on a given day. And that's where I find happiness and it often makes me happy. And it makes the person that I'm trying to help. You bring some joy and light into their life as well. So if you're wondering what it is that can make you happy, look inside a little bit and bring yourself to see what you can do to make someone else a little happy on a given day. And you can't make anyone happy! That's another thing to keep in keep in mind… is we cannot make anyone else feel anything, however if there's some little gesture that you can do to help make somebody's day a little bit better sometimes it's okay to do that. In fact it's kind of an obligation so keep that in mind if you're wondering what it is that you need to make you happy today.

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