Welcome to the Real Estate Market in 2022!

2020 and 2021 have been a wild ride for Real Estate...!  2022 is a continuation of that wild ride. As much as I would love to say the wild ride is coming to the end... that is not likely to be true at this moment.  

- Interest Rates are On the Rise and will continue to rise throughout 2022. 

- Inventory Issues Persist

- Home affordability will become a greater issue for home buyers.

- New Home Construction lingers FAR Below market need

- Homeowners who might consider selling have decided not to and unless they need to they won't sell.

- Forebearance programs and Foreclosure moratoriums are essentially over and homeowners have either transitioned out of Forebearance or have restructured their loans.  Foreclosures are essentially a Non-Issue for now mainly because Equity is so high that if someone is behind on their mortgage all they need to do is put the home for sale and they're cash-flush again.

- Buyer Demand remains Off the charts compared to inventory levels.

On this page you will be able to find and discover resources that I am more than happy to share with home sellers and buyers to help you navigate these wild times in Real Estate.  

If you need to sell your home... Lets talk.  I'm not going to pressure you to sell, but I will help you by giving you a FULL and honest assessment of the value of your home, a FREE professional assessment of repairs, things you can change, add or take away that could contribute THOUSANDS of dollars to your sale price.   You can visit the "My Home Value" page on my site to get a FREE Valuation and Comparative Market Analysis of your home's value that I can then review with you to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to sell your home FAST For the Most money with the least amount of headaches.  

Wanting to sell your home yourself without a Realtor (For Sale By Owner / FSBO)?  I have LOTS of tips I can share with you that could save you THOUSANDS of dollars in lost time and commissions that you don't want to have to pay.  Technology is Amazing and today with just a few very important strategies implemented you can do a LOT by yourself and save money too.  

If you're looking to buy a home... Call me and lets review your needs.  You may want to become involved with my Perfect Finder program that Targets Off-Market home sellers and allows us to find homes that otherwise would not be known to be for sale.  Technology can work in your favor as well, make sure you are using the tools and searches that give you the most current and up to date listing information for properties that are hitting the market or have updates in the MLS.  I have added an AWESOME home Search feature to my website that allows you to get UP To the Minute Listing Details on New Listings and property updates.  You can also download and install the HomeSnap App that puts the power of our Local MLS systems right on your phone with Map Searches, Detailed criteria filters and instant messaging to help you communicate with your agent (Me) and get you in so you can see homes QUICKLY so you can be in the running to buy.  

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